50 Not Out

PictureThe next session - Thursday April 10th

will include Boccia (we now even know most of the rules!).

“You don’t know if you don’t try!”.

Anyone who would like to come and join in is really welcome. Just come along at 12:30 to the media centre or give us a call on 0191 387 2899 if you would like more information. The atmosphere is really informal, the activities are varied, it is just a great way to meet  friends and enjoy trying out a new activity.

Check the blog below to see some of the things we did earlier in the year – then come and join in!

50 Not Out is our very own adult health, well being and digital gap programme run through Durham County Cricket Foundation with the support of Northumbrian Water Ltd.

The programme consists of two activities and starts at 12.30 lasting two hours. The second hour provides the option to participate in the Nordic Walking session at the Riveside Pavillion. The aim is to offer new activities as much as possible. New members are always very welcome. We meet at the Education Centre, Emirates Durham ICG, Chester-le-Street Durham DH3 3QR.

The 50 Not Out programme blog is at the bottom of this page it will give you an idea of some of the things the group has taken part in:

50 Not Out continues on the 2nd Thursday in each month:-

the dates for the next few are 12th December 2013,  9th January 2014,  13th February 2014 and 13th March 2014.


For more information please contact us – click here

Back in the Nets and more New Age Kurling

The March activities for 50 Not Out saw the group back in the indoor nets doing some pre-season training!!! and a second New Age Kurling session. It certainly was an active session!

As it proved so popular  we are looking into the possibility of establishing a regular “spin off” session dedicated to New Age Kurling. As soon as we have firm dates and times we will advertise it to all.

We are continuing to investigate different activities to “have a go at” and the 50 Not Out programme will continue to provide varied activities.

DSCF3851 - CopyAs ever new members to the group are always welcome just come along and join us. We are intending to publish a magazine, available from the book shop on match days, during the six months of the cricket season and issue 1 is ready to go – if anyone has any contributions, could be to the “letters” page or other thoughts please let us know. We are also about to launch a craft project and are looking for enthusiastic needle-workers to help create a wicket-long banner capturing memories of Durham County Cricket Club, get in touch for more information.

Cricket Training

The New Year set off with a bang as 50 Not Out met and did some cricket. New members were warmly welcomed as they all did some batting and bowling practice. We all had a really good workout and then enjoyed a cuppa, some chat and a quick speed stack!! ”Its really surprising how it loosens you up”, “I have a new respect for bowlers!”


Competition Time

The final session of 2013 of 50 Not Out saw the group in competition mood. The group divided as England and Australia and pitted their skills in Speed Stacks, Boccia, Table Tennis and a target game against each other.

The motto was “you don’t know if you don’t try!”

The next session will be on Thursday 9th January – where the group will try some ore activities and continue the discussions they had on producing a monthly newsletter.


A narrow table doesn’t stop them!

Speed Stacks

More difficult than you think!


Making the rules up as we go along!

Pub Games and more?

The 50 Not out group welcomed back some former members this month and then enjoyed playing many different games – skittles, quoits, Jenga and Connect 4. Despite the relaxed atmosphere and amid the friendly chat there was a surprising amount of competitive drive!!

During the second hour those that did not go to join the Nordic walking group had an enjoyable game of Boccia.

Pub Games  photo

50 Not out have a go at Table Cricket!

The session today saw the group have a go at Table Cricket.  The cricket season may be over but there was certainly a lot of action in the media centre. (Just a few minutes before the session started two of the Championship winning team came by and Durham Captain, Paul Collingwood and bowler, Gareth Breese tested out the table!)

After getting to grips with the rules they soon got a smooth rotation going with everyone taking turns at batting, bowling, scoring, fielding and of course the all important umpire role! Dot-balls a plenty and even a caught and bowled with the umpires decision final!

(Notice the special hi-tec protective head gear!!)


Three Activity Day!

Continuing the recently-established tradition of creating new games the 50 Not Out May session saw the group involve themselves in 3 activities including one that they developed themselves! The pictures below might give you an idea of how the session progressed.

They began with a bit if tried and tested fun with Boccia – (blue team very much the winners!) Then developed the game of “Hoy-a-Bag” using a load of cricket training equipment. The game pregressed through various stages as they tried to perfect the rules  at one point even involving the bean bags being grabbed from the floor (inspired by fielding practice!). The final agreed rules (for this week!) were

  • each go consists of throwing 6 of bean bags into the targets (equivalent to an over!!!)
  • the targets set in different places and given scores of  1,2,4 and 6  points (representing runs!)
  • the bean bags have to be throwed alternately with right and left hand

Then the session ended with a quick game of ping (proving it can be fun even on a rather small table!)



Team Speed Stacks

The 50 Not Out group had a go at Speed Stacks this week and made a formation speed stacks video!

Check it out below!



Speed Stacking at 50 Not Out

The 50 Not out March session was held today and was a session full of laughter as the group experienced an “addictive” sport. Eveyone was introduced to Speed Stacks – the sport of stacking and unstacking cups!!! It forces partcipants to work quickly and delicately with both hands and is superb at improving hand-eye coordination. The group began with the basic skills of “upstacking and downstacking towers of 3 cups” and it was not long before they had progressed to towers of 6 and then competition stacking of 3-6-3. It was such fun that it was even suggested  that once they get really good we could run a tournament on the pitch during the Lunch intervals!

Following this excitement they spent a relaxed hour playing Boccia.


Table Tennis 50 Not Out Style

The 50 Not Out group met for the February session. They began with another go at the Boccia they had tried last time. The relaxed atmosphere disguised their strong competitive natures! Deciding that they were up for a different challenge the group also tackled table tennis. With a little rearangement of the furniature and using a Ping set that includes a handy expandable net to allow play on any table, they proved that you can, indeed, play table tennis anywhere. Showing impressive agility and even using two bats at once there was a great deal of laughter, enjoyment and a good bit of chat!

The group are looking forward to next month and will meet in the Media Centre again on Thursday March 14th at 12:30.

50 Not Out 2013 Season Underway with Boccia

The 50 Not Out group made sure that 2013 got underway with a smile. They organised a fun Boccia session. Using the little press room in the media centre they proved that you don’t need loads of space to enjoy a bit of physical activity. The atmosphere was warm and friendly and many of the rules were being created during play!!! but fun was certainly had by all.

Some of the group then went on to the Nordic walking session that runs every Thusrday at 1:30pm from the Riverside Pavillion Sports Centre.

The 50 Not Out Group welcomes all new members. It is free to take part and meets on the second Thursday of each month. Each session is split as two activities one from 12:30-1:30 and then from 1:30-2:30 members can attend the Nordic Walking or continue within the media centre.

Next meeting is Thursday 14th February at 12:30.